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Bringing happiness to many is our priority

Yaa Nhyira Foundation is a non-profit aimed at helping those in need. We visit prisons, orphanages, high schools, and hospitals, and provide food, clothes, and education to those in need. Our mission is to impact the lives of those less fortunate in Ghana.

Our Mission

Our team's primary objective is to spread love, positivity, and belief in the human spirit by rendering assistance and care to those who need it the most - the hopeless members of our society.

We aim to make a difference in the lives of individuals facing difficult life situations by visiting hospitals, prisons, and orphanages. By being a beacon of hope for the less privileged, we strive to help them regain their strength, courage and build resilience through the power of God.

Our actions are rooted in faith, and our mission is to spread hope through the love and teachings of Christ. We believe that by reaching out to those in need, we can heal hearts, uplift spirits and reignite their souls with an unbreakable hope for a future filled with endless possibilities.


Our intention is to give hope to the hopeless in our communities by visiting hospitals, prisons and orphanages. We seek to restore hope to the less privileged in the society through the power of God.     

Our Goal

We have been to several places but our goal is one- to reach out and bring happiness to the deprived people in the rural communities.



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