A summary report on toilet facility donation from Yaa Nhyira Foundation to Bebome DA primary school – 13th April, 2023

The Yaa Nhyira Foundation on 13th April, 2023 donated toilet facilities to the Bebome DA Primary School, improving access to sanitation for students and staff. The donation which cost $ 5,147.25 was made in response to the lack of adequate toilet facilities at the school, which had led to challenges with maintaining hygiene and health standards.

The donation consisted of the construction of modern toilet facilities equipped with handwashing facilities. The facilities were designed to be user-friendly, particularly for young children, and were constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and sustainability.

The impact of the donation has been significant, with the school community now having access to clean and safe toilet facilities. The improved sanitation has helped to reduce the risk of waterborne diseases, open defecation and improved the general health and wellbeing of students and staff.

The Yaa Nhyira Foundation is committed to improving access to quality education and promoting health and wellbeing in underserved communities. The donation to Bebome DA Primary School is just one of the many initiatives that the foundation has undertaken to promote social development and impact positive change in Ghana and beyond

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